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Interior & Exterior Painting Services

Could your siding or your home’s interior benefit from a fresh coat of paint? Intown Craftsmen provides both interior and exterior painting services for homeowners. With our professional and experienced painting crew, you won’t have to go through the mess or stress of painting your home — we’ve got you covered. For your exterior or interior painting needs, we are proud to work with Sherwin Williams No VOC paints. No volatile organic compounds (VOCs) means your new paint won’t emit these harmful chemicals during and after application.

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Signs It’s Time for Interior Painting

Interior painting is recommended every five years or so, depending on the condition of your interior coats of paint. Fresh paint can improve the appearance of your home more than you think. Whether you want to consider new colors or just need to refresh fading paint, Intown Craftsmen can help you keep your home beautiful. You may also want to consider having your home’s interior painted if you’re selling your home, as a fresh coat of paint can make a big impression on buyers.

When to Paint Your Home’s Exterior

Siding typically needs to be painted when the original coat of paint is no longer protecting your home. If the existing paint is cracked or blistering, your siding may be absorbing moisture and even affecting the energy efficiency of your home. A new coat of paint can also dramatically increase curb appeal, which makes exterior painting a worthy consideration if you’re selling your property. Depending on your siding material and the quality of the previous coat of paint, you may need to consider painting your siding every five or 10 years.

Get an Estimate for Your Next Painting Job

Contact Intown Craftsmen to get a free estimate for your next painting job. Complete our online contact form to schedule a consultation.

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